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I never leave reviews but I feel I must share. I received an Email saying I received my parcel and I have not received my parcel also stating that someone who is not me has signed for this parcel !!! I had the parcel sent to the work address and we are closed on Monday’s and that’s when it was signed off on. I needed this parcel for this weekend as it is gifts for my staff and now I am going to our Christmas party with no gifts. I really wanted to give my staff a beautiful gift this year as they have worked so hard this year as I have been away on maternity leave . I am very very unhappy with your service. As know one has emailed helping then I received and email saying the items I ordered and paid for were out of stock. For future reference I would recommend that your website displays that the items are out of stock before you take customers money. I have spend a lot of money with your company And i feel like your company could care less. I have all the details of my order so I want answers where parcel is and why all of the sudden your out of stock and what you are going to do to solve this issue.

Hi Maxine, The out of stock email was an error in our system, we are sorry for this! I just send you an email as wel, lets fix this :)

Will make a nice Christmas present for my sister!


Coin Necklace

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